Roman Kusz was born in Osiek upon Noteć near Bydgoszcz. He began his adventure with horses at the age of 13. He has been interested in horse driving since 1985. He took his first steps in driving in Bogusławicki Klub Jeździecki (Bogusławice Horse-Riding Club), near Piotrków Trybunalski. During his debut in the National Carriage Driving Competition in Poland in 1985 he was the first, much to his surprise. It was a great success, especially considering the short preparation period. After that he was awarded in the National Carriage Driving Competition in Poland the gold medal six times, the silver medal three times and the bronze medal two times. Additionally he won eight medals at the World Pair Driving Championships – two silver and six bronze (individually and in team classification). During his carrier he was first twice and second four times in the world ranking. In general he has always been in the lead.


Carriage sport consists of horses of the right class, two special vehicles, a driver and a groom. A driving event encompasses three competitions, which the carriage has to undergo. The first competition is the Driven Dressage. It comprises a specific program judged by the judges. The next day is the Marathon, where the drive has to cover the distance of approximately 20 km strictly in the stated time, all delays are penalized penalty points. On the last stretch of the marathon there are 6-8 obstacles. Each obstacle has several narrow gates, which have to be passed against the clock. The last competition is to test the skill and competence, where the driver has to demonstrate his accuracy and speed. Roman Kusz is one of the bests in all the three competitions.


Now Roman Kusz runs his own training center located in Helenka near Sochaczew (Poland). Its activity is oriented at preparing horses for work in carriage. There are also both, sport horses and recreation horses on offer.